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Museum of Amazonian Indigenous Cultures

This exhibition is a celebration of Amazonian indigenous cultures.

Admire the indigenous culture in harmony with nature, in its distinct forms such as religion, daily life, ceremonies and traditions that continue between humans and the Amazon forests. In this exhibition you can observe how the Amazonian people and culture interact with the animals, plants, forests, rivers and lakes with which these they live.

The ethnographic displays that include feather art, ceremonial objects, musical instruments, tools that are used for fishing and hunting, as well as much more, comprise a unique and varied representation of indigenous cultures.

This museum portrays indigenous cultures from all over the Amazon basin. From the indigenous groups of the eastern Brasilian Amazon; the Xingu River basin in the Pará state, Brazil; the north of the Amazon basin in the Guianas; the indigenous groups that form the central part of the Amazon from Mato Gross to the Black River; the indigenous people located at the border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia; the indigenous people of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon; the cultures at the edge of the Amazon Rainforest in the Andes; the indigenous people of the Ucayali, Pasta and Marañon river basins.

In the museum you will find pieces of the tribes:

  • Urubu-Kaapor
  • Tenetehara-Tembe
  • Canela
  • Kirikati
  • Waiwai
  • Hixkaryana
  • Wayana-Apari
  • Palikur
  • Tiriyo
  • Xikrin-Kaiapo
  • Kuben Kran Kegn
  • Kaiapo
  • Kalapalo
  • Juruna
  • Trumai
  • Kuikuru
  • Gorotire-Kaiapo
  • Kayabi
  • Kraho
  • Tixikao
  • Xavante
  • Tapirape
  • Aripaktsa
  • Nambiquara
  • Bororo
  • Karaja
  • Tikuna
  • Yanomami
  • Tukano
  • Desana
  • Waimiri
  • Shipibo
  • Campa
  • Piro
  • Marubo
  • Matses
  • Bora
  • Yaguar
  • Achuar-Jivaro
  • Aguaruna

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