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The Hotel Casa Morey, Iquitos – Perú





The Hotel Casa Morey Iquitos – Perú an its historical past times

The Casa Morey is a historic monument in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Situated along the riverfront of Iquitos, Peru this boutique hotel offers an ambiance of bygone times in spacious accommodation and personalized serviced. Built by the wealthy rubber baron, Luis Morey in 1913, it has been restored to its Victorian Splendour and Amazonian motifs.

In 1910 Luis F. Morey was one of the wealthiest rubber barons of Iquitos who owned many steamships to transport the valuable rubber balls. His mansion was built adjacent to the docks, which were later converted to the pleasant plaza of Ramon Castilla. AmazonEco has restored this mansion in an effort to return this corner of Iquitos to its former elegance.

In addition to the Casa Morey, Amazon Eco has restored several steamships from the Amazon Rubber Boom period. For further information, see The Museum of Historic Boats in Iquitos. The restoration of the Hotel Casa Morey and the historic boats have been done with dedication by Dr. Richard Bodmer and his wife Tula Fang with a passion to save the culture and the memories of this bygone era.

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Calle Loreto 200 – Plaza Ramón Castilla – Iquitos, Perú

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